Don’t miss the “funnest” lunch of the year!

Last year Kids at Heart raised $106,000 – enough money to purchase a very specialized piece of life-saving equipment for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. Thanks to our generous donors, the Apollo Anesthesia Workstation is in use today, providing state-of-the-art anesthesia delivery and ventilator support to even our tiniest patients during the most sensitive cardiac surgeries.

Over the past nine years we’ve also used Kids at Heart funds to purchase high-tech isolettes for at-risk babies in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and help build an entire 24/7 Emergency & Trauma Center just for kids!

With your participation we can make this year’s event even better. Come have lunch with us! Be a Kid at Heart!

David Burns, M.D., leads the Providence Pediatric Pain Committee, which is focused on eliminating all unnecessary pain from the hospital experience. He’ll share how Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is using amazing advancements in technology to reduce and even eliminate discomfort for kids.